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i may throw things up here from time to time.

paint a mural of your happinesses &
tuck the disappointments away in a journal on the shelf.
(you may need to review the hurts,
but make sure you give the biggest space to your joys)

— 2 weeks ago
#happiness  #joy  #journal  #art 

person: What’s wrong?

me: *sighs dramatically and flops into the nearest chair* You would know if you read my blog!!

— 2 weeks ago
#important blogging 

i don’t understand how some humans don’t decorate their spaces like how can you not even bring in pretty twigs and flowers and mosses to line your nest?? i am a bird.

— 6 months ago
#decoration  #home decor  #birds  #interior 

to remember:

  • all things are one
  • you are one with a butterfly
  • you are a butterfly
  • fly away little butterfly u are free
— 8 months ago
#advice  #nature  #freedom